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Road for meetings I'm setting up meetings doing this and so I don't have anyonethat calls me to see if I get up in the morning you're doing that but I get out bit 5:30 or 6 o'clock and start doing my job because that's when it works best for me to try to do my job way so what would make me appreciate it taking advantage of the company that I work for a sleeping till May yep and text end I get up into my !fuck!ing job because they pay you know and I agree to that so you know if you work on a lot aspects its I try to be much less a piece a $^$& ninety-five percent of the time and Piper said I'm going to just be really awful awesome so uniting found at: try earlier ninety-five percent also 5 percent piece $!** that scared yeah I know kind of yeah I guess one of the pick that up from was the you know I know the gym and stuff yeaning Ohio and I guess I while you where it was work permit or something like that you mentioned to me that you know she get cat food area basically what she had with the calendar and it will you're going to be you know apples/minus or even is all she get this far as the food is if she Elite Test 360 cleaning she got a plus she clean all day she got up close if she you know was regular you know had one bad meal it was uneven initially got you know did something over the line you deserve the right to .

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