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Guy that you really didn’t want to Mike Lutheran I K The Incredible Hulk yeah as it so happens I have the buyer that was bent by low for 8 know in the very first event that we had and it hangs in my office even down its can shape like this and you can see where is Bennett and every time I see that bar have lover no’s on my wall II have a little Todd be any competitions were all American affairs and the first to win is the title well Olympic lifter brews will help in 1977 and 78 and power lifter dawn run helped in 1979 now you train hard for all year long deserve my budget Strongest Man they got shift the competition I was limited in international representation at this point not a champion could really trying to be the true World's Strongest Man but waiting in the wings was a man who would go on to lay legitimate claim to the title your just beneath that that our layer award and fuzziness thirst this boiling range versus based on the lam catch fire angry but is as an icon his icon in the sport strongly may just feel Horse Power XXXL depressed wait over here whole Belk as Maya made his WSM debut in nineteen seventy-nine the 26-year-old cash as he was affectionately known was the world power lifting champion had and intimidating 23 Stan frame and was to become one of the most intense competitors ever on new is a little bit different than just the basic weightlifter out at the gym and the to me you know on a pound for pound level about Tolland he was probably the strongest man in the world see bunnies pop-up behind every tree lurk around every.

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