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Aaron field I know I need a makeover I know that my style’s got tired so I'm gonad go or so I'm did you up colleague over all shopping gorgeous new clothes no more done patchwork trying okay I okay yes my think you're not there and imports a lot least the call that escaping its pre overwhelm it means no slip-ups have a gym in my house I've got to be imagined everyday notes this is their cut its all those little kisses ever gonad add up to 85 number in rates so it's time to Chris in a jam let’s get a card alright I'll it coming early low sorry for taking out and taking over for me now all you confused shredded that he's so many times and I have ripped it up I you have any yet and later hey be here I'm trying to Lipo Slim figure out what is going on hoping that such as the stasis walnuts and almonds make a great snack you may want to limit your intake and macadamia nuts in cash which contain more saturated back so they’re not somehow must've have a tendency may be to eat too many nights so make sure you know what that one ounce portion for most about 15 to 20 knots at .

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