a 24-year-old girl from fishbowl, Canada

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"We are like toes and toenails, I am the toe and you are the toe nail"

I love writing Fantasy and Fictional stories, I always have countless and bizzare ideas to right about. I love adding pictures and music to my stories for more flavor. Many of my story revovles around friendship, enviromental and love themes.

Call me a Greeny if you want but we all know Global Warming is a issue. There is not harm on making it more well known.

In my spare time I write short stories, play the guitar, shop (like crazy) and relax with my friends.

I actually don't live in a fishbowl, but it feels like it since everyone enjoy coming into my room without knocking and taking my stuff. hmm.

Okay enough random blabbing.

P.S. If I added a branch or chapter to your story and you find it utterly stupid. My apologizes but I have the tendency to take a story to the woo woo side.

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