a 20-year-old chick from Pluto

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"Chase your dreams. Whenever you stop running is when you feel the thorns of reality in your feet." -Me

Soo I thought I should update my page because the other one I had Anyway, you may refer to me as Annie. You can actually refer to me as anything. No seriously, call me whatever you want, it's not like I haven't heard worse. But anyway!! I love to write. It's pretty much the only way I can let out the feelings I have that I can't let out in a regular conversation. If that makes any sense. It probably doesn't, but oh well. So yeah, I'm usually really outgoing. Oh, and I LOVE critisism. It helps me take my writing to the next level. So that's pretty much it! Laterr. Yeah, I spelt "later" with 2 "r's." Gotta problem with it?


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