a 36-year-old bird from Austria

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"who? me?"

writing has always been a big love of mine, but as it is with love... we sometimes take it for granted and so it disappears.right now I am travelling a bit and hope to get the sparks and my mojo back ;-)

I dont want to live without books (and I really mean BOOKS here...the old fashioned things where u can turn real pages and touch real paper) which makes travelling a little less comfortable, but therefore takes me away on places I could never visit otherwise...

jonathan carroll,neil gaiman,stephen king,james patterson,sophie kinsella,....and many many many more are the ones who travel with me ...as well as many autobiographical books...

always love to get in touch with new people so...dont hesitate to say cheerio!


current read

paul carter : don't tell  mum I work on the rigs,she thinks I'm a piano player in a whorehouse

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