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"This is such a drag!"

I would like to believe that I am an amateur when it comes to writing a story but by friends say I'm not, that is why I have come to this site so I could get other people's point of views. It would be grateful and rather appreciated if you could give me constructive criticism and help to make my stories better, even some poems which I have posted. 

I do have a lot of ideas in my head which never end up being written down - not even in this website - because I tend to not have much time; I'm always on the run. As a result, you might find plenty of grammatical mistakes and that is why criticism is recommended - if you want to, of course.

Here are some of my solo stories:

Alex Lloyd is a 14 year-old inventor who is holding a grudge against the one "person" that is trying to destroy planet Earth. But would that grudge be enough to get his revenge or would it lead him to his downfall.
Eager to continue his quest, he stumbles upon extraordinary creatures, new friends and much more which would help him in his way to victory. Only fate could decide whether or not he would achieve his goal

A girl trapped by her fate-not realizing that the people around her from childhood are a threat-tries to find something that will cause everything to stop and come back for her. But will that be enough to keep the strange nightmares from coming reality?

A girl's dream is to be normal and to fit in with the other people around her. Unfortunately, that can not happen. 
Elemiah does not known much of her life as she has been filled with secrecy and lies, but would the man she keeps on seeing on the rock boulders at the edge of the ocean of the village reveal the truth about her family line or would she find out all by her own of what she truely is and will become?

A 16 year-old girl is persecuted by vivid dreams of her past that are not quite clear to her. She tries to discover ways to defeat the curse that is embedded in her so to not follow the path that lies for her future.

A boy's perspective during the industrial revolution.

I would like to inform my readers that this story is going to start a little mysteriously (in media res) before you could get into the deep meaning of it.
Before you get a little tired of the indefinite details the girl is saying, I would like to tell you guys that in every chapter that I will be writing, there will be a piece - or maybe more - of information that will reveal you what is going on.
I do hope you enjoy and please leave me comments to see how it is going.

Many live their lives as if it were their last day, but what if that was taken away from them and they had nothing else to do but live?

Some of my collaborative work are: 

Lurking through the mystifying forest, Mindy tries to find something that she is partially missing.
Finding her way with her new companion, she finds other things which keep her from finding the truth. But will that lead her to her happiness or her misery?

A magical world of desperation to find out answers that have not yet been aswered. Ageil was released from a secret lab and has many curious queries to find out who she truely is but would it be too late?
The scientists get informed about her disappearance and are searching to find out where she has gone so no one finds out about her identity.
Would she ever find out?

Writing embarrassing moments which you have seen or have had personally in your life. 

An artifact that keeps peace within the clans is stolen. Now, the leaders of the seperate clans have to gather and let their differences aside to get it back so they could stop the civil war that has risen and will lead to their extinction. 
The only way to defeat the thief is by combining their abilities together and most importantly, to their limit. But many complications will be brought up since the artifact is no longer there.
Will they end up ignoring their disgust for each other or not?

The Rules To The Story:
1) No inappropriate language.
2) Try to keep the words up to 800 or less.
3) Don't get out of the subject; make the chapters interact with each other.
4)Keep the same chapter names for all the one's you write, you can tag whoever you want though.
5) Leave the optional chapter for anyone who is interested in writing it.

And for poem lovers here are some solo poems:

Lastly, here are some of the collabs I have participated in:

That's about it for now. Sooner or later I might update again.

PS Thanks for reading my profile, there's a a lot to read and it must have exhausted you - not if you haven't read my summaries on the stories, of course ;)  

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