a 39-year-old man from South Wales, United Kingdom

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"Courage, to accept what I cannot change. Strength, to change what I cannot accept. Wisdom, to know the difference"

ummm. so, what do i put here? read loads. usually war memoirs, from the point of view of the guy on the ground, not a sanitized version. sense of humour? think somewhere between bill bailey and eddie izzard, with a touch of spike milligan thrown in.

have always loved reading, can't understand people who say they dont like to read...

no clue as to my writing style. couldnt begin to tell you if my grammar is correct, or if i have used the correct descriptive wordage for past/present tense etc. all i know is, ive read hundreds of books and thousands of comics over the years, and when i proof read what i write, it looks right to me. i am doing this for fun, but would love to be a writer of published short stories. maybe the kind of stories you see at the back of the sunday magazines, and the kind your mum buys at the checkouts...

have returned to writing after a bit of a long break from bashing the keys. am looking forward to getting my teeth stuck into a few stories, some that are from me, others that i kinda tagged along with. may be getting heavily involved in some fan-fic work as i spent a long time watching some sci-fi over the last few months, and there are some ideas that are rattling around in my head that just need to be aired....

had a mishap with the computer, and it deleted ALL the data and research i had made for my long running stories, the Firefly fan-fic etc. 

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