a 30-year-old guy from Salt Lake City, UT, United States

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"You don't have to fool everyone, just the right ones."

I am nothing more than your typical weather geek with a delectiable craving for writing and photography.  When I am not off saving the world from thunderstorms or flooding, I am designing web pages, backpacking some remote location, or avoiding sitting still at all costs.  These three (and probably many more) things unfortunately restrict the amount of stories I actually get completed.

I would define my past writing as Stephen King meets Nelson DeMille, a mystery with a good amount of action and conflict thrown in for good taste.  While I believe my newer writing moves away from that past genre, I still find that genre very exhilerating to write.  Nothing is better than crafting a story that hundereds can relate too and some cases, make somebody think twice about their own life.  In some of my new work I focus more on short, energetic stories.  Long books full of short chapters; almost like a good television series, they just want you chomping at the bit for the next chapter.

Please, take the time to read, critique, and question what I have written.  Sadly I have not finished most of my work (yet), but I hopefully can get somebody excited enough to force me to finish writing something!

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