a 22-year-old cat from The trunk of a black sedan, United States

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Protagonizers: so heres the deal, if you've read my file you'll find that I only write while inside the trunk of a black sedan. Yes you've read correctly. 

I'm currently hiding. From what? I'm not sure exactly...thats to be determined at a later date.

When i'm outside of this quite spacious trunk, I am part time outgoing, part time introvert. Just because its fun. I enjoy escaping into good books, because life sucks sometimes, so I was very happy when my good friend the starwarsfreak introduced me. Its been fun reading all of these neat and inventive stories by "people just like me" (even though no ones just like me, I did an e-harmony search, its proven.) Anyway, I love listening to/ playing/ and writing music, its pretty funtastic.  I listen to all sorts of music and also read all sorts of material, bookwise, then I can see every perspective, again a funtastic pastime. :)

My "writing style" is mostly reflective of my life experiences and feelings. An outlet, if you will, to express how i'm feeling. I've only posted a few works, but please! be my guest! read them! rate them! comment on them! *end exclamation streak* I really appreciate any feedback I can get, seeing as you are the only people I am allowing to read my work. :)

Anywho, thanks much for your time, and enjoy your time on protagonize! (remember: read! rate! comment! write! repeat!) I must go get some fresh air, it turns out air supply is limited here...


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