a 24-year-old from Montreal, Canada

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"There is to much pressure to write something amazing here and I couldn't decide what to write. So instead i wrote this."

I am a young writer that dreams of becoming a professional writer. I like both cats and dogs. I like hockey, play magic the gathering and watch anime. I enjoy reading fantasy and coming of age novels and watching any movie with a good and original storyline. I am really into board games and anything that is considered an table top game. love lord of the rings and any studio Ghibli film. i spend most of my free time writing but when I am not I am with friends, riding my bike and dancing. I am an amature contemporary/jazz/ballet dancer. until I get paid to write the bills are paid with a pastry chef job at the family business(an old fashion Italian bakery). I have some beginner writing on my DA account under the name superbleach. for now this is all i write.    

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