a 23-year-old dudette from Staffordshire, United Kingdom

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The nickname says it all! I hate being obsessed with people, which is a shame because I can't stop. And it's not just normal people either. It's odd, eccentric people aged 40 onwards (famous obviously) like Tom Baker, Rowan Atkinson and Griff Rhys Jones (but he does like poetry :)) I absolutely love to write, if I get an idea in my head it won't go away unless I wirte an extract- and if the extract won't go away I make a plan and then I write the story. I can write poetry, stories, scripts anything to fill that creative gap I always seem to have.

I also love singing and acting (but not dancing) and I like sci-fi things. I go to 6th Form and take English Literature, English Language, Drama and Philosophy and Ethics (which is really hard but REALLY awesome) I have a couple of sisters who are cool and a little brother who's cute. And that's all about me, me, me. Also one day I really want to get a story published. It wouldn't make me more happy seeing my name and an illustration printed on a book in the library which I always hang around in my town.

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