a 25-year-old chick from the United States

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this is Lainah.
Twitter ;
Myspace ;
Facebook ; Search "Lainah Danielle" and I'll be there.
Myyearbook ; Look up ", and there I'll be.
Those are pretty much all I use.
I do not really use Myspace, it's !##$ty now. 

I am twenty, son
I'm too loud, I'm too obnoxious, I'm too nice.
I smoke too much, I drink too much, I party too hard.
I wear too much eyeliner, I dye my hair a LOT.

I don't believe in lables/stereotypes;;; I am me and you are you
I have the most wonderful girlfriend anyone could ask for.
MissMegggie is my everything.
Talk bad about her, or me, or us as a whole;;; I'll ^%@%ing eat you.

I don't like fakes, two-faced &&bitch$es, or ugly people.
I AM SHALLOW;;; Deal with it.
I'm not afraid to let people know what I think.
People in general get on my nerves %%$^ing fast - Fact one.
I eat babies - Fact two.
I'll rip you to shreds if you piss me off - Fact three.

I speak my mind.
I'm weird, I'm crazy, I'm not normal.
I have many flaws.
But I've learned to accept them, because they are apart of me.
I know I'm not perfect, nor will I ever believe myself to be.
I'm way too nice, 'til you piss me off;;:
I don't suggest making me angry.
I'm definitely a $!%@^ when need be.

Don't mess with my Megggie, or ANY of my friends.
That is the biggest nono for me.
Mess with them, expect a fight from me;;;
One you will walk away from ashamed, broken-down, and feeling stupid.

Don't force feed me your crap about god, and heaven or the devil, and hell.
I don't believe, nor can you make me believe.
Don't press your beliefs on me, and I won't feed you mine.

My girlfriend is more gorgeous, more perfect than anyone you will ever find;;;
No competition;;; Feel jealous
My friends will kick your friends' asses;;;
No competition;;; Feel afraid.
Music is one of the hugest things in my life;;;
No competition;;; Feel inferior.  

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