a chick from Candyland, United States

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"Dance like no one's watching Sing like no one can hear you"

Well it's about time I update this thing.  Okay my name is Alison and my best friend, Hannah.writer, has been trying to convince me to write on this again which i haven't since like a year...ha. So I might do bite me but if you have any other suggestion for stories that would be nice :)

Anyways, I guess I should tell you about my self.

Well, I'm obsessed with reading the Hunger Games and watching twilight...haha like a typical teenage girl i guess.  I love dancing(mainly ballet but jazz too).  and just sitting around watching the notebook and stuffing my brace face with chocolate ice cream. haha. no i have a life i dont know what you are talking about.

haha thanks for reading my stories. :D

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