an 18-year-old babe from Ontario, Canada

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hello! my name is jet, and im 14! gender identity is something im struggling with at the moment, but currently, i identify as genderfluid, leaning strongly towards being a (very femme) boy.

i live in a small town in rural southern ontario where the general population is filled with country music fanatics and camo-obsessed fashion disasters. there are very set friend groups here, and i managed to fall into one of the cracks and not really fit into any of the subcultures.

my stories will have lots of diversity and representation! representation is a really big deal to me, and i think stories focused around being anything but cishet are kinda lame, like, why cant there be a bigender spy in a story set in the future, with a drug addiction? idk man.

i have borderline personality disorder, and its unusual to be diagnosed with it before the age of 18, but i guess im a bit of a special case or something. i dunno man. if u have any questions related to that (so long as they arent rude), ill be happy to answer them!

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