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Hello, whoever has decided to stumble upon my profile.

I'm Ally. 

A few things:

I like art. Art be cool. I really love painting space.

Crafting is fun too. I even sold some of my crafts at a craft fair, such as: crayon arts, duct tape bows, and crochet animals! Dorky, I know. 

Music is lyfe, and not just listening to it. The truth is I don't listen to a lot of music. I play it. Right now my favorite instrument is ukulele, but I play the piano often as well. 

Another thing I do is write! (Duh) I haven't written in a while, and have actually been pretty busy, but I'm trying to get myself inspired again. I usually write stories (or at least try), but I've found that poems are an awesome way to express feelings. I did use to hate poetry and all its rhyming nonsense and such, but now have more poems than stories in my drive. 

Alrighty? So I'll try to write more and post my poems (if I wanna :3) and sorry to all those I've promised things to that I've never fulfilled for months now. All the things I said I'd write and didn't. Very very sorry

On a side note, I was in a collab writing contest. The story is actually pretty neat. You should check it out. Sorry its not a real link. But its The Call Away by olius_brightwell

See yalls around!

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