a 33-year-old dame from the United Kingdom

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"Foyle darted back to his locker and replenished his spacesuit again. He began to weep. He started to gather his possessions - a faceless clock which he kept wound just to listen to the ticking, a lug wrench with a hand-shaped handle which he would hold in lonely moments, an egg slicer upon whose wires he would pluck primitive tunes..." - Alfred Bester, 'The Stars My Destination'

currently studying english literature with creative writing at nottingham trent university - graduating (we hope) in july :: hoping to go on to a masters in english literary research in twentieth century postmodernism and science fiction.

favourite things :: books (writing and reading), horseriding, studying, summer bbqs with friends,
progressive rock music, yummy food, sci-fi tv, budvar the premium czech lager

favourite books :: slaughterhouse five, breakfast of champions - kurt vonnegut ; the penultimate truth, dr bloodmoney - philip k dick ; the road - cormac mccarthy ; gormenghast trilogy - mervyn peake ; the tin drum - gunter grass ; the crying of lot 49 - thomas pynchon ; riddley walker - russell hoban ; dirk gently's holistic detective agency, the long dark teatime of the soul - douglas adams ; we also like shakespeare

currently reading :: ape and essence  - aldous huxley ; shakespeare and women - phyllis rackin


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