a 23-year-old female from mumbai india, India

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"growing old is mandatory growing up is optional. man proposes god disposes. failures r the stepping stones to success. variety is the spice of life..."

Hey my name is Afshan Peerzada and i am from the city of dreams that is Mumbai.  i have just given the crucial exam of the tenth grade and i am desperately waiting for fABULOUS RESULTS. In my leisure time i write poetry..  From the past three years i have inculcated the habit of reading... currently i am reading the bestseller novel by Chetan Bhagat titled the three mistakes of my life... i have also read two novels by Cecelia Ahern titled PS i love you and If u could see me now... Reading is the best i feel because it helps you to travel to a world of fantasies and mysteries.. it helps you to understand the point of view of the author.. it is the best anti depressant anyone can have..

       Now i will get myself started and try to convey and tell stories that i will be proud of writing and you will be delighted of reading... as is has been quoted ]''Ifyou want to be remembered after you r dead then either write thing worth reading or do things worth writing...' Thats exactly what i am going to do...

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