a 24-year-old chiquita from the United Kingdom

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"If you are going through hell, keep going."


I'm Ashton, nice (to meet? Um no..) for you to come across me =D.

  • 2009 - Starting college; Richard Huish.

    Courses: English Language

                      Drama & Theatre Studies




  • Favourite subjects @ school - Art; Drama; Pe; English; RS.


  • Type of person I am - Well, hyper; random >> different. Love helping my friends out. Not religious, but very passionate about spirits & afterlife communication, mediums etc etc. including zodiacs. I love the ocean, I love animals minus crawlies & insects unless drawing them. Majorly terrified of blood, organs, needles, hospitals etc etc. Though interestingly, blood always appears in most of my artwork. Basically I love life and can't wait for what mine holds!



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