a 23-year-old chica from the United Kingdom

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   Well, Howdy there! And how're y'all doin'?

   Yeah, ignore me. I tend to break out into random accents once in a while. Hillbilly, Frenchie, Evil mastermind; my favourite is Russian at the moment.

     Right, let's get this party started! *turns on music and flashing lights* OMG SHINY!

     I'm Zoe, I was brought onto this planet sixteen years ago and I adore reading and therefore, sometimes, I like to have a go at writing. I used to be really rubbish at it. But then as the amount of novels on my bookshelf progressed, so did my writing capability.

     I am ever so slightly odd and love every minute of it - I mean, where's the fun of being ... *shudders* normal?

     My favourite books are 'Night World', 'House of Night', the 'Twilight' series, 'Jinx' by Meg Cabot, 'Dark Visions' by L.J.Smith, 'Hush Hush' by Becca Fitzpatrick ( <3 ), The 'Eragon' trilogy by Christopher Paolini, merely to name a few.

     My MP3 Player consists of Breaking Benjamin, You Me At Six, Linkin Park, Nickelback, Pink, Boys like Girls, Green Day, Fall Out Boy and ... so on, and so forth.

    My longest and first story on Protagonize is Instinct [ Not your Average Vampire Tale] X - Although it started off probably not as good a quality as I would have hoped, 5 people seem to love it and think it's okay. Take a read and find out for yourself, if you like.

       My newest story is [Careful; I might Bite.], which I am rather enthusiastic about writing. Supernatural, once again <3.



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