a 27-year-old lady from the seventh layer of hell.

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Well, I'm not quite sure exactly what to say here, but more than anything I kind of like to try to think out of the box. I like writing romance, definitely, so you're going to see a lot of that. I write fanfiction, mostly, but a friend of mine recommended this site for me to try to strike out with my own original stuff. I'll be posting short stories, mostly...

Also, I write a lot of Yuri, Yaoi, shounen-ai and shoujo-ai.

DISCLAIMER: For any and all of my stories, please know that I am NOT into children having physical activity at all. All of my stories typically fastforward time until I feel that they are old enough, and the default age for character in every story--unless it is mentioned specifically--is sixteen. I'm sure that some one can find a reason to be offended, but I have definitely been sixteen, so i have the experience to back up what I'm writing..

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