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"“Love is life’s end, but never ending. Love is life’s wealth, never spent, but ever spending. Love is life’s reward, rewarded in rewarding.” —Herbert Spencer"

Dear reader,

How are you doing? I wish I could write more often. My free time, however, is asymptotically approaching zero as I grow. As a person who reads a lot, you must understand. You needn't agree, but you must understand.

I'm an odd mix of mathematician and writer. It makes sense, since both are creative pursuits. Oh, and this is probably where you and I would reach the wall of disagreement. After all, isn't there some notion of "correctness" that has to be followed in mathematics? Aren't there highly restrictive rules that have to be followed?

It's true that people often think of math as a tool rather than a pursuit. But not all of it has to be usable, any more than all writing has to describe events that actually happened. In the words of Victoria Hart, mathematics is about making up rules and seeing what happens. Most of the well-known rules come from concepts we take from the real world, but a true mathematician can create rules from anything.

And what is writing if not creating a world and seeing what happens in it? Is playing with numbers and diagrams so very different from playing with characters and events? Writing can escape the real world, or it can highlight its beauty. It can introduce forces we never thought existed, or ones we have desperately been trying to find. The same applies to math. When someone says you can't subtract a larger number from a smaller one, just invent negative numbers. When someone says dragons aren't real, just invent a world in which they run nuclear power plants. Who says things have to exist to be real?

Best wishes,

Noah G.

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