a 22-year-old guy from Texas, United States

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"I've always felt like the underdog, and I'm alright with that label."

Im a simple 19 year old who graduated highschool in 2013. I attended a semester of college before dropping out the second semester to avoid academic probation. I enjoy listening to music very often and living life with my friends. I enjoy sports more than anything (even writing) and my favorite sport is football. Along with this writing carrer, or hobby I have developed, I am in training to attend Harden simmions ( A D2 college) and play QB. My interests in books include all the harry potter series, percy jackson series, divergent series, enders game and enders shadow, transcend, gym candy, runner, the devils court, and so on. My favoirte music artists range in this order. 

  • 1. Eminem 
  • 2. 2pac
  • 3. Kendrick lamar
  • 4. School boy Q and 50 cent (they tied)
  • 5. Biggie smalls (only because I grew up on his stuff while exploring 2pac)

Im a energetic guy that always has to be on the move or doing something. I am curently a believer in God and believe to be christian. While the bible may sprout words of truth there are also webs of lies in it. No hate just personal opinion.

If you wanna know more about me or want to collaborate (god forbid) then I'm all for it!

Thank you again

Sincerley, Zephiana

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