a girl from San Jose, CA, United States

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Hello! I happen to be a person who, though in love with literature in all its forms, has recently found serious difficulty in creating any original works of my own. I'm new to this website, but I'm hoping that it may be the key to rediscovering my inspiration.

I am interested in reviving the human voice, a power once capable of spanning souls and evoking joy within humanity. I hope to inspire fellow authors to abandon their efforts at "modern" literature, works only appealing to the superficial emotions and carnal desires.  Instead, I want them portray the innermost surges of their souls. I encourage all to capture your most valuable, most loved revelations with words, so that others may benefit from what you hold within. Add to the great wealth of human wisdom, and help guide all of humanity to truth!

Fill your works with faith and love, because that which is in them will spread!

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