a ragamuffin from the Lands of Always Winter, Canada

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"I don't suffer from insanity... I enjoy every minute of it!"

Hey there, I'm new. :)

I'm a 26 year-old geek from Labrador, Canada. I live in a tiny northern town that can only be accessed by plane and traversed by snowmobile (in the winter, anyway). Writing, drawing and painting are my life. I love fantasy and science-fiction especially, or stories that are epic and strange. (I'll read practically anything, though.) Hoping to have fun collaborating with people here on projects. It's kind of my dream to make something awesome with a group of pals. :)

Hmm... not sure what else to include, really. I love Lord of the Rings (movies and books) and many other fantasy authors. (Current fave is Brandon Sanderson.) I like thoughtful sci-fi that explores philosophical ideas. Octavia Butler and Robert J. Sawyer are some of my favorites in that area. I also like manga and comics, and enjoy drawing comics as well.

Be warned, if I collaborate on a story I'm going to end up drawing pretty much every character! :P To me, art is almost as important as the writing.

Thanks for reading!

STORIES: All of my stories (solo ones, anyway) tend to be based in some way on dreams I've had, and are therefore weird.

FOUR MAIDENS: A dark fantasy story set in an ancient Asian-inspired setting. Four young priestesses are sent as sacrifices into a forest inhabited by demons. (Currently writing)


TRAVELLERS OF THE VOID: Lt.Nuke's story, collaborating with him and theyoungwriter) A story that takes place on different worlds and out in the void of space. A band of unlikely allies are caught amidst a building war.

IMPULSE: chimerakiller2's story, collaborating with him, erfranco and H.C.Chapman. A story about a changed world where people with mutant powers are on the run from an organization called the New World Coalition.

Will add links once I learn how to add links. ^^;

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