a 22-year-old dude from Sonoma County, California, United States

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"Are you always a smartass?' Nope. Sometimes I'm asleep." -Jim Butcher (Blood Rites)


Hello everyone, name's Zamic, though not in real life obviously. A parent would have to be pretty weird to name a kid Zamic. At this point I'm what you could call an aimless youth. I'm liberal in the classic sense, in other words, I'm actually liberal. Leaning more on socialist than anything. When asked of laws I tend to quote Thoreau:

It is not desirable to cultivate a respect for law, so much as a respect for right.”

It sums up my political thoughts rather well. On the spiritual side I'm an agnostic. In other words I don't believe there is enough evidence to believe in the existence, or non-existence, of any sort of God.

I tend to fall outside my middle-class when it comes to future plans. Mine extend to junior college. Everyone else's seem to extend to that magnificent career that will give them skyrocketing dividends that will justify the years they spent in school.

All I really know is I like my art, and that's my sculpting, my ink work, and my writing. You can catch some of that stuff below.


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