a funky monkey from Turn around..., Sierra Leone

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"I'm not a lover I'm a fighter, but I'll FIGHT for what I LOVE!"


I'm new, and my friend introduced me here. It's pretty cool here, and I wannna meet some new friends! Here's some things about me:

I love to write.

I love talking to people like they've always been my best friend, so don't be shy :)

I love to sing, and I'm making dubbed lyrics for H.O.T.D endings, all sung by Maon Kurosaki, my role model.

My former signitures are: #1MaonKurosakiFan, PaRaMoRiCmOnStEr, IdUlyf, and I'm still a'making!

I get depressed easily, and same for crushing :')

I love my friends and my school.

I'm 13 years old(rly, I am. And I hate stalkers)

I love Anika Noni Rose, she's the best disney voice character and dream girl that ever lived, so ha!

I'm utterly obsessed with Lloyd *_*

I love romance book, because they make me tingle and smile and read fast to see what happens next :P

Um...can't think of anymore, but when I do Ima write them! Thanx for reading about me an hope we'll get to know eachother :)

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