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"Writing is a reflection of your heart. Everything you feel or wish for dearly is what is stated in your piece of art."

Hi everyone. My name is Yuuki. Nice to meet you all. I hope to work with everyone here in Protagonize.

I'm not a very good writer and I am currently trying to improve my skills. If you have any tips, it would be very helpful. Be aware that my grammar isn't really the best so if you find any mistakes, please tell me.

There might be less updates than usually due to some issues. However, the stories are still coming, and I hope I will be able to move everyone's hearts with my writing. Thanks for working with me. ^_^


Solo Works:

  • White Gothic
  • Whisperer of the Dead Wind
  • Mixed Races
  • 48 Hours
  • White Angel Black Wings
  • and many more ^^


  • The Maze
  • 100 Words or Less, By Invitation Only, In 3rd Person
  • The Protagonize Zombie Apocalypse

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