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"In our lives,we are not readers but we are writers,the least we could do is change the ending."

I like watching animes and reading mangas especially Yuri (girlxgirl or lesbian).I don't usually write smut stories and I'm more into cute/fluff stories. Come on,cute stories give you love chills! And also,anyone here who is a fan of the following ships?:

-Nozomi Toujou x Eli Ayase

-Maki Nishikino x Nico Yazawa

-Umi Sonoda x Kotori Minami

-Eli Ayase x Umi Sonoda

-Eli Ayase x Kotori Minami

-Eli Ayase x Honoka Kosaka

-Eli Ayase x Hanayo Koizumi

-Eli Ayase x Rin Hoshizora


Sorry guys,I'm just a big fan of Eli and almost ship her with everyone XD anyway,hope we get along! And oh I have a page on Facebook so you can get updated to my stories! It will be included!

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