a 31-year-old bloke from Atlanta, GA, United States

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"Catfood stinks a bit, but if you don't put up with the smell the little kitten will die." Karl Pilkington

Hi, I'm Christopher Edwin and as you'll soon discover, I'm not a "person" in the true sense of the word, actually, I was completely made up by 12 year old girls, very much like Lady Gaga or the movie Enchanted, to amuse a small, very specific niche of what I would term "idiots", while annoying the rest of the general population. Those who try to make sense of what I do or say will quickly find themselves dumbstruck and exasperated, partially because I exist in a world of pure, abstract thought, also because while you're trying to work it out I'm trying to confuse you even more until you lose interest and walk away.

Read my stories at your own risk, YummyZoo can be a pretty @%@&ed up place.

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