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Hello, My name is Margaret, but I'd rather NOT tell you my last name. So lets just call me Margaret Snowflake. Sometimes I like to call myself Yulma Snowflake because that is sort of like my pen name. So I guess I might call myself Yulma a lot. Anywho, I really enjoy writing, and have been becoming a better writer since 5 grade, which is when I found out how much I enjoyed writing. I remember, my first story (first story as in My first Novel... I could never remember my first short story) about Spy Fairies. It was left unfinished, though because of my big imagination. See, my imagination is very big, and new stories come like every day, and the old stories just get left behind. Sort of, I mean, I'm started to get back to some now, because I've had soooo many great ideas since 5th grade. I even have a whole self dedicated into holding my stories, and I think it is the perfect place. Except, ever since last year when I found out about writing on a laptop (big gasp!) now my laptop is stocked full of stories. Anyways, I have some AMAZING friends on this site, all of who like to write. I haven't found all of them yet, but I will, soon. I know one of them is called SummerDreams (I won't say her real name) and she is a great person, and very good at writing. I also have other friends, and when I find them, I will say their names...but that's when I find them. :) 

Bye bye for now! 


P.S. I REALLY enjoy reading as well!

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