a 19-year-old ragamuffin from California, United States

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"You control your future. Take that thought, and do something with it."

So. Hi there.

Who am I? Here are 10 facts so you can get to know who I am.

-I am me.

-I am Kamille Duncan.

-I am 13 years old.

-I have not yet had my first kiss.

-I have bright red hair.

-I am a 90210 junkie.

-I am not very polite.

-I don't do anything I don't wanna do. Unless it comes to writing.

-I love my rents and friends.

-I am a writer.

Live with the facts. So. In the very near future, I will be posting some stories. So read them when they come. I love feedback, even if it isn't very nice. I'd also like to learn about you. So write me a comment. Make me read your stories. (But if I don't want to, tough.) Okay? Okay.

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