a bird from Canada

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"Why, oh why my God, have you abandoned me in my sobriety? Behind the old disguise, I'm your bewildered child. So take me 'cross the river wide." ~ Kamelot, "Abandoned"

I like to write, I really do.

I just don't like to share. Yes, I'm selfish like that. I like to edit, re-edit, and re-edit again. And then sometimes I scrap what I've written.

I only really intend on posting for-fun pieces on Protagonize and the few lyrics I actually can stand to share.

Aside from reading, writing, and procrastinating, I love music. I love listening to it, playing it, and writing it.  I can't write poetry anymore because most of it ends up being lyrics to something playing in my head.

Bands I like: Kamelot, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Epica, Delain, The Birthday Massacre, Sonata Arctica, Avantasia, etc.

My tastes are mine and not yours. That's the beauty of preference and free-will.

Have a nice day. :D

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