a 22-year-old from the Cayman Islands

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Know me by Yinboo, and read the type of person I am.

To be concise - I like to re-invision things. I like to think that I see the inherent potential in any creative work I observe, and make my own renditions. I consciously take little bits and pieces from every decent show or movies i've seen and attempt to put them together in a completely different way - thus making something completely unique. 

Three things about my writing:

1) My style typically involves placing teenagers in mature - often fantastic situations. Thus, as the case often is, they are forced to grow at a faster rate or face defeat or even death. Coming of age stories, if you will.

2) I dare to believe in happy endings - namely because I don't get many in life these days. In fact, as much as I like my stories to be dark and thought-provoking, I don't believe in killing off all of the main characters. I do not write tragedies.

3) I like to include a divine presence in my stories. 'Gritty realism'  as they call it is boring. Therefore, expect that to reflect in my work: which usually places fantastic elements in an otherwise perfectly modern, realistic setting.

Well having said all of that, I hope you enjoy what I have to offer and if you don't, well, be sure to tell me why! I registered here to see where I can improve, after all.

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