a 15-year-old girl from Singapore, Singapore

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Like my blurb said "I am twelve and I live in Singapore. I have many family members but also many pets. Three quarters of them are imaginary, but I still wish I had a pet like my characters do. Most of my stories are fantasy and connected. The rest are horror, other or completely not connected to other stories. I hope like reading my works!" --and if you do, thank you. In advance, I will also thank anyone who makes my work a favourite or becomes my fan.*cough*Even if it was by accident because it means you were here anyway.

There's a speech bubble here to put my favourite quote in but since I don't have a favourite quote of somebody else, I'll just quote my own characters.

Random friends, or people, corner (if you want in, probably because you have nothing better to do, just say so):


Yeni: Xeni is crazy.

Zeninea: Help.

Pillie: Hello.

Pilliea: So.... we just have to fill up this blank space?

Sarcasm: No, we're here to make it even more blank

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