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"-People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they are not on your road does not mean they have gotten lost. --Jackson Browne"


Nice of you to drop by and see a little bit of who I am beyond any of the words that I put to page in a fictional context.  (Not that there's any guarantee that the words I place here are any more truthful than my own statement of honesty.)

About Me: I like to call myself a writer, like just about...  99.9% of the people whom frequent this site. Although, in all honesty, I don't really write.  Much.

I'm here to try to rekindle the desire to write on a more regular basis.  I shall probably fail.  But in the mean time, I could always use the practice.

That aside, I would really like to improve my writing.  So please, any and all feed back is welcome.  Simply pointing something out that you liked would be great.  Pointing out something you didn't like and explaining why would be even better.

So, thank you for your time, I really appreciate it.

About my Critiques: I read, I write, and I critique when I don't feel like writing.  Apologies to all whom my critical eye may fall.  I critique to practice my writing, to see how others write and examine how I might write a similar piece.

That said, most times, my critiques will be purely stylistic, and as such can be safely ignored as the author chooses.  Or sometimes not.  I'll try to explain why I want to make the changes that I do, but most of the time it'll be stylistic to promote clarity, pacing, and flow.

I don't do well critiquing plots.  Everything is interesting.  Anything can be interesting.  It's all in the manner of presentation.  As one of my teachers taught us on one sunny afternoon in the mid of summer, every story is a cliche, the question is, have you earned it?

I no longer have the time or the energy to do an in-depth, point by point critique of anyone's work.  I'll try to work out a few general tips to try out, but unless it's a fairly short piece of work, don't expect there to be a paragraph by paragraph breakdown.

About my Work: My fervent hope is that each and every one of my works will always speak for themselves without any need for explanations from me. I believe that anything you need to know about the story should be located somewhere within it. If this is not true, please, let me know so that I may address the issue properly.

So, thank you. Please enjoy. Your thoughts and comments are most welcome.

News:  No news is good news...  Right?

9/7/16 - Old Exercise

9/6/16 - Why Not?

1/7 - Added a new Chapter, 'Lost' to the exercise, 'One Day, Some Day.' 

1/2 - Added a new Chapter, 'Extra Credit' to the story 'Final Fantasy Forever'.

10/16 - Added a new chapter, 'Through the Woods' to the story 'Facade'

10/15 - Added a new chapter, 'Changes' to the story 'Just a Few Things'

10/11 - Added a new chapter, 'A Brief Respite' to the story 'Final Fantasy Forever'

9/23 - Added a new chapter, 'Chamomile' to the story 'One Day, Someday.'

9/15 - Added a new chapter, 'Timber' to the story 'Final Fantasy Forever.'

8/20 - Added a new chapter, 'Standing Orders' to the story 'Final Fantasy Forever.'

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