a 21-year-old chick from At home :), United States

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"When you know that something bad is going to happen..does preventing it actually help? Or does the bad thing happen because you tried to prevent it?"

Hey this is Stella. Well, I am an all out rocker/skater. I love looking up random quotes online, I love being random, I love my friends, and I am in awe of the idea of falling in love and having the perfect fairy tale. I don't take other peoples b.s. and I don't take backstabbing well. I'm pretty outspoken, but people love me anyways XD One second I'm a social butterfly, and another I'm that freak in the corner of Starbucks reading poetry and writing in a journal :D But if there is one thing I live for; its my music. My earphones are practically glued to my ears.

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