a 26-year-old male from Iowa City, IA, United States

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"When life gives you lemons, make grape juice, and let life sit back and wonder how the hell you did it." A guy on YouTube.

Hello everyone. I am Xeranad Lekard, aka Alexander Gerard Kann. I am also known as the Dark Lord. Why? Well, if I told you, where would the fun in that be?

Anyway, I am a person who enjoys a good story, and I have done multiple stories myself, the Shadow War being among my first triumphs. Rock XIII has helped me move it to this site, and many people have made it's existence possible. Another story I've been working on, The Gestalt Chronicles, reuses some of the characters introduced in the Shadow War and tells a new tall set in our world, starting in Arthurian England and moving on from there, taking multiple tales from countless lands to form it's structure. I'll be transferring it to this site soon as well.

I am always open to conversation, and will gladly help anyone who has questions for me.


I highly suggest listening to this... may give an idea as to what I try to acheive in my writings.

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