a 26-year-old gentleman from Near Oxford, United Kingdom

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"So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past" Fitzgerald

 Recently I added the story 'Quest in the Black'. Yeah I'm not continuing that, in fact at that very moment a realisation dawned on me. I had something I have been dying to put to paper for a long time. So when I've got the time and am not working on my more major projects I will start this new one, and add to it. Who knows I may even finish it.

For now though enjoy the writing I have already done, below is a (very) short list of my work on here that I am proud of.

Something in the Shadow


 Collaborations I have worked on

Utopius (A collab with LairdTom)

I'm one for collaborating, so should you be in need of a partner give me a holla. If you want to say something about my work then make yourself heard, I welcome all critique. If you want something rated then ask and I will indulge you. Until then.


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