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"Everybody has photographic memory, some just don't have the film. - Steven Wright."

Don't be fooled by my sweetness. You have been warned.
Check out 'Rue's lullaby - veryfanciful' on YouTube - it's really amazing. I lvveeee the lullaby!  

Hi! What's up? Oh, wait, never mind. But hi!

So, a little about myself;

Basic stuff;  I am about 13, asian, hate spell-checks (which is why I have lots of typos and errors, sorry), love (the BOOKS) Percy Jackson, Artemis Fowl, The secrets of Nicolas Flamel, Harry Potter and etc. Big, fat books in a series, mostly magical stories, although I particularyly dislike Lord of the Rings. However, if you have any good interesting books for me, I will defiitely chck them out, as I'm all out of books. I like vampire books too, though I havent gotten to read Twilight yet, O.o.

Appearance; I've got darkish skin, Asian. I've got big, dark brown eyes, and DARK DARK brown hair which looks black unless you put it against black; THEN it looks brown.

My Life; I have a twin(not identical, REALLY) an amazing sister,  parents, and best friends with whom though I often have serious problems with, I don't think I can live without. I'm learning violin(Suzuki Book 2 - yeah, I'm slow :P), and my best subjects are Arts and Creative writing.

Location; Well, I was born in London, and grew up there till I was almost seven. I had AMAZING friends there - one particularly special one whom I've been friends with since we were like 2. I really miss her! I've got her on Skype, but she hardly ever comes online...
I'm not giving my now location,but its in South West Asia,I THINK. :P

My favorite authors on Protagonize ARE(no order, and by their awesomeness AND writings....)

  • BasilWoodall
  • Artemisian
  • Nyxie
  • SageMoonBlood
  • cassandramorrow    and
  • jackthefish.

Favorite works are(on Protagonize, ofcourse,)

  • Love, Lust, Guilt.
  • I can't remember.
  • Trees (:P)
  • The Fateful Triangle (collab)

and others whose names I've forgotten. Sorry, guys!

ALSO - I've made a collab ; it's called The Sunrise Twins. Anyone who wants to check it out, check it out. Sorry, my link thigy isn't working so... XD. But check it out, and write your ideas in the comments!

So, PLEASE comment or rate or recommend or whatever the hell you want so I can keep writing! I need critics! Thanks!



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