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"That is not news. But that, too, is reality" - Trueman

Feels like I'm constantly editing this (Oh and btw, sorry to the Awesomers for abandoning you guys, my life is quite an adventure at times).

Anyways I mentioned before I came along I think a year after Nick started this whole thing and I'm not one of the firsts but I did put a lot of time and effort into this place once. So much has changed since I've been gone and back and gone and back again. But it all looks pretty interesting I'll need to get myself up to date with this place again.

A little about me, I'm a journalism graduate, solidly worked my ass off for three years for little to no praise, low marks and a fancy piece of paper. However karma has paid me back kindly by giving me the chance to experience Canada the lovely country that I never knew until I actually got out and explored it. Honestly I truly thought I was a Canadian living in my little corner of the country oblivious to all that was going on around me but you are not truly Canadian until you experience all that this country has.

I was working for CBC Radio over the summer, just a meager summer fill position but bursting with experience and adventure on the great island of Newfoundland. I lived in Gander which is pretty much smack dab in the center of it all, but I traveled a lot, mostly to the Avalon Peninsula (that's basically where all the pictures that you see on those Newfoundland commercials come from).

My time finished there I headed back to Ontario with the prospect of work in...of all places...Saskatchewan. So I spent a month in my home town having been gone for at least two of them, then whisked myself on a three day driving trip through Northern Ontario, Winnipeg and finally up to the northern gateway of Saskatchewan, Prince Albert.

Now I work as a full-time crime reporter and radio anchor for Rawlco Radio....a savvy broadcast company that basically owns all of Saskatchewan and some of Alberta. I love it here, though the winters are harsh and the snow has been on the ground since mid-October. The people are warm, the stories are plentiful, and I feel like I'm really making a difference in other people's lives as well as my own.

On my writing skill, I've had two short stories published on online, what I used to call, zines (not sure what the kids are calling online magazines these days), and one was also published in a physical book of short stories, which you can still find on Amazon under 'Branded Words'. Although purchasing said book gets me no royalties.

About three years ago another very famous and well remembered (amongst the golden oldies) writer from this site, Jillian, and I started collaborating on a book together. However due to both of our lives being completely up the wall we stopped. We have since started discussing new ideas on our collaboration and may start working on it once again, maybe even finish it!

And personally I have a few longer pieces that I still am in the process of finishing but looking for an agent for.

And that novel of a profile is my life mostly in a jar. There is so much more, and if you had told me three years ago that I'd be taking this type of journey I would have never believed it. I used to be quite the home body, now I'm the first one in our family to travel to most of these provinces and places.

I hope I can be a real asset to anyone here. On top of writing for radio I also write print for our hyper-local news site as well as a geek blog, so I am savvy in the written word as much as one can be, although I don't claim to ever be an expert.

We're all beginners until we're dead, as I like to say. Having said that I will be looking to help out and get some help around the site and be more active (for real this time) than I have been in the past three years.

Looking forward to connections and collaborations,

James P. Bowler


James P Bowler

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