a 21-year-old guy from Michigan, United States

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"Mess with the best, die like the rest" "Only the best from the best" "Death before dishonor"

I'm pretty much getting to the stage of my life where I am just starting out. I have always enjoyed writing, and occasionally someone would come along and tell me I was somewhat good. I cannot tell you whether this is true or not, but it does make me feel good. Writing is a fun thing for me, a good way to let off steam, waste time, and have fun. Writing a story for me is similar to painting a picture, only a lot easier because I was not and still am not very skilled at art. 

I enjoy reading many things. Fiction is perhaps the most I read, although I do read a large amount of non-fiction as well. I don't necessarily have a favorite genre or type of story. If something catches my eye I will try it out. If I like it, I will continue to read. There are a few instances where there will be a few books I like out of a specific genre, but I will not like the genre overall. I am not a fan of the modern-new-age view of romantic horror, with the vampires and werewolves and everything like that. I'm sorry, but I view it as ruining a classic myth and story. Plus I think it is over-hyped by everybody, either positively or otherwise.

So that is a little about me, I suppose. If you want to know more, just ask. If it isn't too strange or personal, I just might tell you. 

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