a 33-year-old guy from Florida, United States

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I'm a hobbyist creative writer who mostly read the classics growing up and now reads anything that seems like it could be good. From a very early age I considered the novelist to be the noblest, most rewarding profession. Now as a more experienced adult, I appreciate all forms of writing. Having begun attempts at short stories, then having moved to novel manuscripts none of which were ever finished, for the time being I've settled on poetry. I have OCD, not a similar tendency but the actual cognitive disorder itself. As a result of my methodicalism and perfectionism, the style of my compositions suffers from heaviness. What I discovered was that overwritten prose can make for appropriately rich poetry. So poetry is my current focus, but I hope to return to prose in the future. I'm really excited at the prospect of having my work read here, reading the work of others, whom I would like to think of as colleagues in the craft, and possibly collaborating with other writers with similar interests and goals.  

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