a chick from Birmingham, Uk, United Kingdom

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"Oh dear lord: If this a test, i fear i may fail. I thought it would be the booze or the fags but oh no! I'm gunna die in an underground vault with the company of a posh, smarty tart. With a head full of brains. And the coman sense of a grain weevil." - Gene Hunt, Ashes To Ashes Ep4, Series 1. "Books. The most powerful weapon of them all." - The Doctor in Doctor Who, Tooth and Claw, Second Series. "If you can dream it, You can do it," - Walt Disney

Umm... Heya!

I'm Cassell, you can call me Cassie, and i adore Ashes To Ashes, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Life On Mars and Toy Story so i'll probably be writing a lot about them knowing me.

I hope you enjoy my stories and I hope i enjoy yours.

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