a 27-year-old male from Central Florida, United States

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"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson"

I'm currently in college, straddling an Emergency medicine degree and a degree in Computer Engineering, and I enjoy writing in all of its forms, be they creative writing, writing computer programs, or writing research papers.  Like my schooling suggests, I'm stuck between wanting to become a Paramedic and wanting to start up a computer repair business, but with a little luck and a little fate I'll pull through and succeed at whatever I decide to do.  I was raised Baptist, but in recent years have taken a more pagan turn in my spirituality, and the phrase that describes me would be hopeful skeptic.


If you want to contact me:

Meebo: wolvendeer

MSN: wolvendeer@hotmail.com


-Reading/Writing (Obviously)

-Lucid Dreaming

-Tinkering with computers

-Text based Roleplaying, especially Werewolf/Vampire and 250+ word count.

-BIlly Vs. Snakeman


Like to Read



-Paranormal fiction

-Mild Fantasy

-Romance that isn't so cliche that it makes me want to claw my eyes out.

-Naruto Fanfiction


Favorite Authors

-Kay Hooper

-Dean Koontz

-Greg Illes

-Michelle Bellanger (non-fiction)


Like to Write


- Life Journey (Such as Runaways, Homeless, and other stories that mainly center around a certain character's or characters' development)


Dislike (to write/read)

-Stories with a lot of action (such as fights, chases, etc)

-Stories that involve the death of a major antagonist

-Cliche good guys win stories

-Stories where werewolves or vampires die

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