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"and in the end of all of this, all that we thought that we had, was merely an illusion within a dream..."

"Indoctrination teaches us to question nothing. Yet almost everyone else that comes into our lives teaches us to question everything...I find the latter to be much more stimulating and/or enlightening. Don't you...?"

"'Expectation' is the mother of all disappointment. Expect nothing from anyone or anything that you could never provide first for yourself."    

"The Procrastination to make someone smile...the Desensitization to make things worth while...the Hallmark Card Greeting to show that you care...the Face Book Page 'Like', to show you're still there... "

"If it takes 2 to create a 'car accident', then why does there always end up being only 1 of us left afterwards, picking up the pieces...?"

"Today's failure to Rectify is tomorrow's inability to Justify..."

"...All the things that I need, I don't really have and all the things that I have, I don't really need..."

"Give me the 'real you', no matter how much it hurts or how 'ugly' you think it may be. I'd rather have an overabundance of the truth than even ONE Fake Smile..."                               

"...Before discovering 'Love', I didn't know enough about 'life'...Now, I know far too much..."

"Don't hate me because I am not like you, hate me because I am not shockingly original enough..."


"...Little lights inside that once lay dormant from disuse, begin to flicker back to life and functionality, when we exchange and share manifested thought patterns together..."

"...Nerve ending, perspectives of consciousness aren't we all...?"

"All + one = "Alone"... As in we are all part of the same whole. By this simple reasoning we are never "Alone", so long as we remember this..."

"A closed parachute kills the body... a closed mind, the soul..."


I was you, you were me, we were living in a dream...                                          



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