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I'm glad this website is free. I need an anonymous name to hide behind. This way I can share my "creepy stuff" without making anything awkward to the people I actually know.

But here's the problem that's recently arrisen- I can't write anymore. I've tried and tried and tried again. (I just spent an hour coming up with some crap romance based on myself, and I swore to myself I would never write something like that) I try every day. I just can't get into my groove, and my words don't flow anymore. And don't get me started on my ideas. It's all drivel. I hope this website can bring it back to me.

I've written a book, and lately I've been stuck with just editing. But I guess it has to happen sometime. But I really, really wish I could write. I've never had so much trouble with this.

So here's to hope!

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