a 42-year-old dude from in the care of my wife., United States

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"Why don't you gentlemen have a Pepsi?"

     I began my story telling career at an early age. It led me down the path of stand-up comic, U.S. Army broadcaster, D.J., and writer. Most of my published work is in advertising i.e. radio and T.V. spots. I also wrote and preformed my own stand-up routine.

     As I've reached the ripe old age of everything hurts, but only when I breathe I feel it's time to write that T.V. show/book/movie about my very crazy life. I mean lets face it...not a lot of people can say they were a stand up comic, radio personality, and a paratrooper all in the same decade, but in two different centuries. 

     Lets meet...lets write...lets do this!

Twitter: @mcswain_bill


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