a gentleman from London, United Kingdom

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"How does it feel, Pendragon?" she said with an iciness that made me shiver. "The first territory of Halla is mine." Excerpt from Pendragon The Reality Bug.



  • Beautiful girls (If they're smart)
  • Books
  • Funny People (They make up for my lack of humour)
  • Reading
  • Writing (Duh)
  • Sports
  • Nice food
  • PS3/Computer games
  • A challenge
  • Rugby
  • Judo
  • Food (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm)
  • Playing Music
  • Listening to Music
  • Pendragon Books (alot)
  • Animals
  • Doctor Who
  • TV
  • Being lazy



  • Ugly (If nice then ok) and irritating girls
  • Irritating guys
  • Bad food
  • Cheaters
  • Idiots
  • Bad surprises 
  • Soap Operas
  • Bad books 
  • Most cooked vegetables
  • School (most of the time)

I am now a zombie and all people who want to contact me will have to write a particularily good poem about how chocolate is the greatest evil in my land of swords, shields, dragons and a couple of gun and high octane car chases otherwise let me Rest In Peace buwah ha ha hah aha ha h ah ow cramp ;(

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