a female from Idaho, United States

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"Freedom begins between the ears." -- Edward Abbey

A life long lover of the written word and avid reader. I have recently taking keyboard in hand, since little is done on paper with a pen anymore, and have begun to pour out fifteen years of repressed authorship.

Whether my tales are ones that others enjoy is yet to be seen, but there is a deep burning need in my heart to write these stories and tales.  All my life I had stories and images floating through my head. Before words became a comfortable tool of expression, I used the tools of the artist,  pencil, pen, paint, clay, metal, wax, wood and photography. 

I am taking this time to explore all the different styles and voice available, to find what works best in which context. Many of my current ideas are historical based or historical transported to different settings. Dabbling in fan fiction lit the fire, and is what keeps it burning. 

My greatest challenge is the shear quainity of stories that come to me and the inability to get them written before the next bolt of lightening strikes.

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